Saturday, October 15, 2016

It’s hard to believe we are halfway through October! We’ve been very busy. Mrs. Putney shared ConnectED with the children this week.  It’s a great math practice site as well as resource for parents when helping with Everyday Math homework.

The children have been working very hard in their new roles as second graders. I thought it would be nice to have them write and share some of the learning and activities going on in our classroom. 

We are studying Butterflies. We have been observing monarch caterpillars. We saw them as babies. They were less than one centimeter long. We looked at the colors, black, yellow and white. They eat milkweed. The caterpillars hung in a J. They are in a chrysalis now. They are green and have gold dots. 

We went on a field trip to the Massabesic Audubon Center. We saw animals and bat houses. We saw a raven. We learned about animal habitats. The habitats were, field, forest and pond. We went on a trail and played a habitat game. Animals need food, water, space and shelter.  We can help protect animals.

We are reading about animals that live in the Northeast in reading.  On Wednesday we went to PE and played capture the object.

 The Exeter Firefighters presented a fire safety program this week.  We had a tour of the fire truck.  It was silver and red. We saw hoses.  They were blue and orange.  Firefighter Don put on his gear.  It weighed 120 pounds. You need to know math and read if you want to be a firefighter.  If your clothes are on fire, stop, drop and roll.

We had an assembly and learned some “Be Statements.” They are Be Kind, Be Safe, Be Your Best and Be Respectful. Be Kind means to be nice to others.  Be Safe means follow the rules so you don’t get hurt. Be Your Best means work as hard as you can. Be Respectful means listen to your teacher and others. These are the rules we need to follow.

I’ll be sending home conference notices soon for our November 8 conference day.

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