Sunday, September 27, 2015

September Is Flying By

The last two weeks have been really busy! There are so many things to do and learn in second grade.

We now have three tiny monarch caterpillars in our room. We are watching and observing them as they eat and grow.  We are recording our observations in our science journal during the week. Please keep an eye out for milkweed.  We can always use a fresh plant to feed the hungry caterpillars. 

We’ve been learning first and last names of our classmates. We practiced them by playing a game in Open Circle. Ask us to name a few of our classmates! Last week we worked on classroom rules that will help us be safe and become a strong community of learners. 

We played a new game in music. It was fun!  This week we used the instruments. Gym was inside because the field was soggy. We played a game called Fox Tails, Cops and Robbers, Wolves in the Woods and Beat the Can. We are still working on our butterflies in art. We worked on making the tissue paper symmetrical. In Library we read, The Day the Crayons Quit.

Keep an eye out for our spelling test booklets. They come home every Monday. You can check out our progress each week.

We’ve been reading another Warton and Morton book at read aloud time. It’s Warton and the King of the Skies. It’s a very exciting story.

We are learning about pairs and odd and even numbers in math.  We are reviewing our first grade math facts and working with different kinds of number lines. We had a fire drill in the middle math class.  It seemed louder than usual.


  1. What kinds of plants do the caterpillars like?

  2. Our monarch caterpillar is eating milkweed.